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Definitions of "Partnering Intelligence, "Smart Partners," and other partnering concepts
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First step in building an effective internal or external partnering solution:
Assess your personal or organizational partnering capabilities

Like constructing a building, creating a successful partnership requires using a blueprint or model.
Read about a proven partnering model built on a partnering culture

Our Clients

"Congratulations on your outstanding Web site and for continuing to set the 'gold standard' for excellence in partnership design and imple-mentation. Your work is an inspiration to those of us who try to add value to collaborative efforts."

 - Arthur T. Himmelman
Executive Director, Himmelman Consulting
and member of the Editorial Board of
The International Journal of

They say you're known for the company you keep, and we are proud of our clients.


Client Testimonials

Case studies of improving business partnership results





AT&THewlett-Packard Corporation United States Postal Service
Bank of AmericaJointSolutions, Inc.Tri-R Recycling Inc.
Center for Non-Profit ManagementKaiser-Permanente Healthcare SystemsSandia National Laboratories

 GE Capital Services, Inc.

 Northwest Airlines

Red Lake Nation

NASA - Goddard
Space Flight Center
Marcus EvansMinnesota Department
of Transportation 
Daimler-Chrysler, Inc.Maryland Highway AdministrationThe Joyce Foundation

New Jersey
Supreme Court

 Xcel Energy, Inc

 Sun Microsystems

Center for
Victims of Torture

 South Dakota
Division of Wildlife

 U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration

eBenX Inc.The Corporation for
Public Broadcasting
Qwest Communications
Exxon-Mobile Corp. Minnesota Institute of
Public Health
StoneArch Creative, Inc.
Media Productions, Inc.Girl Scouts of the USA Firefighter.com

Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Minnesota 

American Lung Association
of Minnesota
The Sight and Hearing Association
City of St. Paul, Minnesota Planning Department Northeast Delta DentalMinnesota Department
of Administration
Indiana Family and Social Services AdministrationEnvironmental Resource Council (Minnesota)

Iowa Department of
Public Health

and many more . . .

Testimonials From Our Clients

No matter how much we stress the importance and effectiveness of our services, no one tells the story better than those who have attended our sessions. Review a few testimonials to see what people are saying about our training materials, comments about what they learned, and how they percieve the value of the training recieved.

Comments on the Training Materials

"My first impression when seeing the training guide was WOW!"
- Bobbi Bilnoski, Consultant, Center for Nonprofit Management, Dallas, TX

"Wonderful experience and high-quality materials. I really appreciated the teach-back session, a great opportunity to see the depth of the material."
- Anonymous, Consultant

"Excellent! I needed this years ago! The combination of the text, assessments, and exercises was perfect. I didn't want the training to end!"
- Kim Hanson, Director, Partner and Product Development, eBenX, Inc. Minneapolis, MN

"The Partnering Model and Partnering Quotient Assessment are powerful tools. Thanks."
- Harryette Johnson, Management Systems, Xcel Energy, Denver, CO

"The Partnering Quotient profile was of most value for me. It helps me to identify strengths and weaknesses as I go forward. It reinforces the ideas of a good foundation for successful partnership honesty, trust, and open communication."
- Board Executive, BONFILS Blood Center, Denver, CO

"There was a ton of material to go over, and I thought I learned a lot of it. I really liked the case studies, (3rd day), the partnering meeting we had, (2nd day) and PQ profile we worked on, (1st day)."
- Procurement Director, Xcel Energy, El Paso, TX

Comments on What the Client Learned

"Thank you for an action-packed learning session. I learned a lot about partnering and can't wait to start using what I've learned."
- Karin Simpson, Xcel Energy, St. Paul, MN

"What I learned from the Partnering Workshop is that what is critical to partnerships is far greater than what is necessary for team building."
- Nursing Supervisor, Kaiser Permanente, Sacramento, CA
"WOW! What I learned about myself around my past orientation was astonishing and will really help me both at work and in my personal life."
- Branch Manager, Washington Mutual, Miami, FL

"I've always had a tough time understanding and talking about trust. This workshop gave me the language to talk about trust issues and some ideas on how to approach people when trust has been damaged."
- Engineer, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

"I understand better how to approach relationship building, how relationship building relates to change, and how both relate to my planning efforts. I will certainly use this training in my planning meetings, strategic planning work, and in my everyday work with my fellow employees."
- Anonymous, state agency

"Giving feedback has always been difficult for me. The simple steps they showed on giving and receiving feedback were very helpful for me. Thank you."
- Supervisor, Claims Department, AIG, NYC, NY 
"I learned about being more forward looking when viewing my job and issues that arise. I also will try to work on my personal tendencies towards partnering that may be hurting my ability to partner with others.  The information on culture of the workplace and how supervisors set it was also something I will remember for a long time, as was the negotiating/compromise stuff."
- Anonymous, state agency

"I've always hated working on teams, but now I understand my contribution style and have the skills to negotiate how I can be a team player and still work by myself."
- Web site developer, Coca Cola, Atlanta, GA

"Although I did not feel I had the time to attend this course, I am glad I did! I am really starting to understand the relationship between changing environment and the type of behaviors that are necessary to be successful and enjoy that environment."
- Anonymous, Corporate Training Participant

"I learned the importance of trust in a business partnership and the absolute necessity of having a common strategy. I am glad I attended!"
- Anonymous, Corporate Training Participant

"The course was valuable when working on and applying new skills to real work situations. I took away skills/action plans that I will use in the workplace."
- Anonymous, Corporate Training Participant

"This program gave me the skills to build trust with my clients, and that is critical in our business."
- Elino Febriadi, Engineering Superintendent, Jakarta, Indonesia

"Taking the Partnering Quotient Assessment really opened my eyes about what it takes to work with our channel partners. I've never thought of the relationship-building process before. It made great sense."
- Oracle, Sakto Wibisono, Channel Development Manager, Core Technology, Jakarta, Indonesia

"This was fabulous. I had many 'light bulbs' go on and a load of reinforcements to some of my current positive behaviors."
- Anonymous, eBenX, Inc. Minneapolis, MN

"The most important thing I learned was the Partnering Process and so many tools to apply to the job! Thank you! Probably the best class I have taken!"
- Anonymous, Corporate Seminar Participant

"This workshop was much more in depth than I could have imagined. It was very valuable to see demonstrated how the complete process works from start to finish."
- Joan S. Steffen, CEO, JointSolutions Marketing, Santa Cruz, CA

"Could have done the entire book on trust and the distinction between task and relationship. Very helpful!"
-  Manager, Minnesota Department of Human Services, St. Paul, MN

"We could spend a full day (or more) exploring the topic of change and revisiting it again. I think we need the whole company to have an understanding like we've gained based on these programs."
- Call center employee, Bank of America, Charlotte, NC

"Working with my counterparts is an important part of my job, and this has given me insights into how I can better work with people in Europe and the US."
- Kaneungiit Surihathumrongkul, Country Manager, Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand

Comments on Overall Value of the Training

"Does it get any more instructive, productive or informative than this? Two enlightening days. Time and money well spent!"
- Anonymous, Telecommunications firm

"A very valuable experience for me and my organization."
- David Powelson, CEO, Tri-R Recycling, Denver, CO

"Excellent Program. Truly one of the best trainings I've attended. No fluff."
- Thomas Quill, PMP, Qwest Wireless, Denver, CO

"Prior to attending this session, I could not imagine how it could take three days to address this topic. The time spent was very worthwhile, and I am strongly recommending the course for our whole team."
- Anonymous, Corporate Seminar Participant

"The intact working groups worked out wonderfully for the procurement team. The vision, mission, and strategic direction outline we began are critical to our organization and we have a great start!
- Engineer, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt MD

"This is the best training I've ever received in 20+ years. I believe this class provides a real vehicle for bringing about the changes that are needed to move our company forward. I am going to recommend that others in my area take this class, and my wish is that everyone in the company would have the opportunity for this important learning."
- Anonymous, Xcel Energy, Denver, CO

"This put the whole partner relationship into a real human perspective. I am amazed at what I learned in two days."
- Lee Kwee Heng, Partner Sales Manager, Sun Mircosystems, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"This model really excites me."
- Carol Harris Director, Management Systems, Xcel Energy, Minneapolis, MN

"I can't wait to put these concepts into action when I get back to work. They are easy to understand and practical."
- Karina Ho Portal Services Marketing Manager Asia Pacific & Japan, Partner Operations, Sydney, NSW, Australia

"Really enjoyed! Best course I have been in many years."
Anonymous, Telecommunications firm

"I never thought about using a relationship-building process before. One reason I attended the course was to better manage my business relationships. I'm walking out with a full plate to work on."
- Retail Partner Manager, Shell Oil Company, Houston, TX

"As our bank does more international partner-building, this course is invaluable to me. I especially liked the financial case studies. They were very relevant to our industry."
- Shim Choon Ming, Head, Remisier Management, Maybank Securities, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"My job as Carrier Account Manager means I have to work with all of our telephone partners in Asia. This really helps. I wish my colleagues in other companies would go through this course."
- Sharon Sim, Regional Business Manager, SingTel, Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. Singapore  

"Very well done. Tremendous effect / value for me and my team."
- Anonymous Non-Profit Health Group

"I originally did not want to be here; however, this has been the best class I have been to while employed here. It contained practical information that can be used by everyone within the organization. I wish we would have had this before; I have been on many teams that have failed."
- Anonymous, Corporate Seminar Participant

"The course met my objectives and I now have additional tools to utilize in my partnering with peers, management, alliances, managed business relationships, family, and friends."
- Anonymous, Corporate Seminar Participant

"This is the best training I've attended in years. The information was 100 percent applicable to our internal and external work worlds. The conversations/dialogue were very helpful and helped us grow."
- Business Development Manager, eBenX Corporation, Minneapolis, MN

"This course needs to be mandatory for Management."
- Anonymous Corporate Training Participant

"Add this class to Executive Requirements as one-day workshops."
- Anonymous Corporate Training Participant

"I suggest this class be given to a specific audience - people who are preparing to enter into a large project, team effort, or partnership."
- Anonymous Corporate Training Participant

"Needs to be a stand-alone course for the Center and an integral part of our management leadership development."
- Training Manager, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt MD

"All I can say is GREAT! I never thought of partnerships the way you showed them, and I am excited to try this back home."
-  Wong Kee Poh, Manager, Retail Banking, Public Bank, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Comments on the Instructors

"Your teaching style and feedback are warm, honest, and motivating. Thank you." 
- Human Resources Manager, Anonymous Seminar Participant

"The instructor's enthusiasm was great. This is the first course of this nature where I was never bored; it kept my attention for all three days!"
- Anonymous, Corporate Seminar Participant

"I think the instructor is excellent - very easy to understand, very informative, very good at getting people to talk, interact, and participate.
- Client Relationship Manager, Anonymous Workshop Participant

"Very good presenter. Knew his business."
Anonymous, Telecommunications firm

"Overall the course/instructors were very valuable and knowledgeable. I have attended two other management-training courses recently, and this was the first to result in a learning 'aha'."
- Anonymous, Corporate Seminar Participant

"Open and honest communicator. A good motivator."
Anonymous, Telecommunications firm

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