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Definitions of "Partnering Intelligence, "Smart Partners," and other partnering concepts
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First step in building an effective internal or external partnering solution:
Assess your personal or organizational partnering capabilities

Like constructing a building, creating a successful partnership requires using a blueprint or model.
Read about a proven partnering model built on a partnering culture

Our Methodology
Efficient and healthy internal and external partnerships under gird the success of every organization. Businesses are becoming interlinking, neural-like webs of information, production, and marketing. While competitors can copy new technology, innovative marketing approaches, or leading-edge designs, they are hard-pressed to copy the dynamics created through partnering relationships. 

Our methodology approaches partnering solutions from a holistic perspective. It starts with a roadmap - a process for building and sustaining an alliance. Our process, the Partnership Continuum Partnering Model, is the cornerstone of our methodology, as illustrated below. 


Partnership Continuum, Inc. Methodology

In addition, people need to build behavioral skills, which we refer to as the Six Partnering Attributes. These six attributes help people create a Partnering Culture that enables the alliance to thrive. People who lack skills and behaviors in even one of these attributes will impact the overall atmosphere and capabilities of the partnership.

Partnering Intelligence is an ability to develop trusting relationships while accomplishing mutually beneficial objectives; it is clearly one of the most critical competencies for business success today. Anyone can learn to become an effective partner, and partnering skills can be honed over time.

Part of our solution uses online partnering assessments, providing awareness of one's capabilities in partnering skills. The solution also includes options for corporate training programs and leadership training programs to build partnering competencies to ensure the organization achieves its vision.


About Us Products Services Resource Library Our Partners
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