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Definitions of "Partnering Intelligence, "Smart Partners," and other partnering concepts
See partnering terminology

First step in building an effective internal or external partnering solution:
Assess your personal or organizational partnering capabilities

Like constructing a building, creating a successful partnership requires using a blueprint or model.
Read about a proven partnering model built on a partnering culture

Our Solutions

In the twenty-first century, businesses that develop, sustain, and profit from partnerships will attain organizational success faster and with greater value.

Partnership Continuum, Inc. is a global specialist consultancy helping organizations build collaborative business cultures. We're committed to helping you achieve your strategic objectives through creating highly effective partnering relationships. 

We recognize that it's not the technical aspects of partnering that cause partnering relationships or alliances to fail. When leaders don't pay attention to the human factor, organizations risk their financial investment as well as time and effort in successful partnership building and the potential it offers. We equip people with the skills needed for successful partnering relationships on a personal and business level and offer them the tools to create smart, profitable, successful partnerships.

We teach you how to create and sustain a high-quality relationship by learning to be a high-quality partner. We pioneered the concept of an individual Partnering Intelligence and introduced a proven methodology and tools for effective partnering relationships. Our methodology and approach provide solutions that save you money by reducing your risk of internal and external partnering failure. (A failed partnership, even one that never gets off the planning table, can cost you from tens of thousands of dollars to multi-millions of dollars.)

Whether you are:
   - looking at partnering options
   - starting a new partnership
   - wanting to enhance the value of an existing partnership
   - seeking to repair a threatened or damaged partnership
we’ll show you how to get the most out of your partnering initiatives.

Basic overview of our solutions

All of our services and products are based on and reinforce the foundational components of our proprietary methodology, processes, and frameworks, as follows:

How we provide our solutions to you


We can provide our services for you and/or your organization, or we can provide our services jointly for you/your organization and your partner.


Services can be provided in the following venues:

  • Workshops and training programs for small groups at your corporate setting (our online assessments, which are a component of the training programs, can be taken by program participants ahead of the training)
  • Seminars and training programs for larger groups
  • Coming soon: Webinars format for our training programs and workshops!  

We customize all of our training programs to your organization's scenario and corporate objectives.



  • All of our products are designed to be used on a standalone basis or in conjunction with group workshops and training programs.
  • Our online assessments and the assessments in workbooks can be used on an individual basis, or managers can have all the members of their teams or work groups take the assessments to find out the capabilities and effectiveness of the collective group.
  • The mentoring workbook and discussion guide can be used privately by a mentor and mentee, or it can be used as the basis of establishing a mentoring program in your organization, and it is used in conjunction with our formal mentor training program



Examples of our services 

  • Strengthen organizational effectiveness. This happens through use of our proprietary online partnering assessments, corporate training programs, leadership development training programs, models, and tools. These enable clients to strengthen their organizational effectiveness, drive performance improvement, and attain measurable impact on the business and the bottom line.

  • Create effective leaders. Leadership is responsible for building an organizational culture based on trust and mutual benefits.

  • Partnership creation and negotiation. We can help you create and implement an alliance or partnership. We help you establish partnership readiness, create a partnering governance and measurement system, negotiate and create a partnership plan, implement the alliance, and assess the results.

  • Strengthen the skill sets and capabilities of your employees. In a world that is connected and integrated by networks of information and knowledge, every person in the new economy holds the potential for generating new ideas and coming up with better structures, processes, or systems for designing, producing, marketing, selling, and distributing goods and services.

  • Read more examples of our services and our client case studies

  • Read about some of our services regarding building trust in outsourcing relationships

It all adds up to solutions for effective partnering enabling business success 


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