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Definitions of "Partnering Intelligence, "Smart Partners," and other partnering concepts
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First step in building an effective internal or external partnering solution:
Assess your personal or organizational partnering capabilities

Like constructing a building, creating a successful partnership requires using a blueprint or model.
Read about a proven partnering model built on a partnering culture

About Us

To be the trusted business advisor of choice for increasing partnering capacity and building partnering cultures.

To provide the finest partnering strategies, tools, and technologies that people and organizations worldwide need to create, sustain, and profit from successful partnerships.

In the twenty-first century, businesses that develop, sustain, and profit from partnerships will attain organizational success, faster and better. At the core of any successful business are people. After all, businesses don't partner people do.

Who We Are
We pioneered the concept of an individual Partnering Intelligence and introduced a proven methodology and tools for effective partnering relationships.

Our founder, Stephen M. Dent, has over 20 years' experience helping companies improve performance and operating margins through strategy, quality, process, and partnering improvement methods.

Our partners are senior executives who offer a wide range of experiential learnings and skills in helping organizations improve individual and collective partnering capabilities. Along with expertise in using the partnering model, they have an in-depth understanding of organizational and cultural issues that are impacted by forming effective partnering relationships.

Partnership Continuum, Inc.'s principals, consultants, and alliance partners ensure our clients benefit from a wealth of strategic thinking with extensive real-world experience in assessing organizational situations and delivering partnering solutions that bring the desired results. Our leadership team has the highest standards of professionalism, objectivity, and integrity.

 Stephen Dent photo

Stephen M. Dent
Stephen is a pioneer in Partnering Intelligence theory, research and application. His first book, Partnering Intelligence: Creating Value for Your Business by Building Strong Alliances, describes the Six Partnering Attributes and how Smart Partners build effective internal and external business alliances that create sustainable competitive advantage. This book was listed as one of the top 30 business books for the year 2000. He has over 25 years' experience helping companies improve performance and operating margins through strategy, quality, process, and partnership-improvement methods.  Prior to founding Partnership Continuum, Inc., Stephen was a Partner and Senior VP for Six Sigma-Qualtec, where he delivered quality, process improvement, and partnership workshops. He is a popular, frequent keynote speaker. He has developed highly effective online assessments of partnering capabilities and has developed corporate training programs for employee development and leadership development.
E-mail Stephen at sdent@partneringintelligence.com


Neal Holtan, M.D., M.P.H., M.A.
Neal is a board-certified internal medicine and preventive medicine physician, an experienced clinician, manager, and leader with 23 years of medical practice experience. He works with medical colleagues, large healthcare organizations, and communities to promote health. His expertise in community medicine and public health includes running a large urban health department, assembling and facilitating teams and networks of health professionals, treating tuberculosis patients, and practicing cross-cultural medicine and international health. He is involved in mentoring other health professionals in career assessment and leadership development. Dr. Holtan is the Director of our Preventive Medicine & Public Health Consulting Division
E-mail Neal at nholtan@partneringintelligence.com


 Marion Warwick photo
Marion Warwick, M.D., M.P.H.
Marion Warwick is a medical doctor with board certifications in both family practice and preventive medicine. Her experience in family practice has given her a broad background in human health, including the health of women, children, and the elderly. Her subsequent career in public health at the local, state, and federal levels and then in homeland security has allowed her to work with people from many walks of life. She enjoys work in preventing disease, researching problems, creative discussions, and writing. 
E-mail Marion at mwarwick@partneringintelligence.com.



James H. Krefft, Ph.D.
James enabled client companies to save over $1.8 billion to date. He has consulted internationally for over 20 years in the formulation of strategic frameworks, organizational design, change management, human-performance systems, competency-based selection, redeployment of people during mergers, and workforce renewal. He developed and delivered training in partnering, managing change, behavioral interviewing, performance management, team-building, performance coaching, starting a business, written communication, and briefings and presentations. He co-authored with Stephen Dent the book, "Powerhouse Partners: A Blueprint for Building Organizational Culture for Breakaway Results."
E-mail Jim at jameshkrefft@earthlink.net


Dean R. DeGroot, MS
Dean is a business consultant and licensed psychologist. He was involved as a change agent for individuals and organizations for over 15 years. Dean has expertise in assessing, creating, and evaluating various aspects of change, providing individuals and organizations with insightful information on bottom-line impact. Personal improvement, training, partnership development, and psychological assessment/testing are areas in which Dean made a difference. Dean worked in manufacturing, service, government, healthcare, and in both private and commercial sectors; he also experienced various management styles. He was an outplacement and career-development professional for over 10 years and possesses expertise in change management and personal improvement. Dean published two journal articles in the UK comparing German and American career practices.


Thomas Quill, PMP, CPM
Thomas has extensive experience in a variety of management disciplines including project management, high-performance team development, research design, data collection and analysis, and leadership training. He worked extensively in the telecom sector in roles such as Director, Program Management, and Marketing Operations with Qwest Wireless. He served in a variety of marketing-related positions, extending his experience in primary market research and implementing customer-satisfaction measurement programs. Mr. Quill is the Director of our project management practice.


Cindy Browne
Cindy has over 20 years of management experience in the non-profit sector, where she developed skills in strategic planning, leadership team-building, and collaborative workplace development. She held a series of progressively challenging management positions with Twin Cities Public Television and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. In her consulting practice, Cindy focuses on helping organizations achieve breakthrough results through partnering, change leadership, and organizational renewal.
E-mail Cindy at cbrowne@partneringintelligence.com


Nancy Cosgriff
Nancy has worked with organizations for over 20 years, helping them achieve improved business results through a greater focus on purpose, people, and process. She has extensive experience in consulting with senior leadership and facilitating processes that result in developing leadership competencies and desired organizational culture change. Nancy worked both as an internal and external consultant and coach. Her management positions include nearly 10 years at Wells Fargo, where she served as Vice President of Corporate Learning and Organizational Development. She also served as Director of Norwest University. In this capacity, she partnered with line management and a staff of 20 to create innovative, results-oriented learning, culture-change initiatives and team-building interventions. As Senior Vice President of a quality improvement consulting firm and as Director of the Management Institute at North Hennepin Community College, she assisted business leaders in creating human-development strategies and work environments fostering high performance.

 Sue Schaefer photo
Sue Schaefer
Sue has more than 20 years of senior management experience in the consumer and business technology industry and is a former Fortune 100 company officer. She built exceptional teams and developed successful strategies for start-ups and high-growth business units, both nationally and internationally. Sue has a proven track record of creating and implementing management systems where actions are tied to results, business drivers, and competitive benchmarks. She is also a certified Marshall Goldsmith, LLC coach. She co-authored a case study in Strategic Human Resource Development, a Columbia University text by Lyle Yorks, entitled “Driving Growth Through a Holistic Strategic Framework.”

 ServQ Ltd " Our partner in the United Kingdom

Ian Watson
Ian is an internationally experienced director with a background in a wide range of industries, services, and products. He managed businesses in  manufacturing and service environments, achieving demonstrably excellent results. He has a wide-ranging grasp of technical, commercial, and financial affairs in start-up, turnaround, culture change, and development situations in the UK and internationally. Ian is the Chairman of ServQ.
E-mail Ian at ian.Watson@servq.com


Andrew Crossley
Andrew has a significant track record in professional services, manufacturing, and contracting. Before founding ServQ, Andrew forged a successful career with a major international consultancy, as the UK Business Development Director and latterly the Group Corporate Development Director. He is an experienced "change manager" and business development practitioner. Andrew has experience in start-up and turnaround situations and works with organizations from multinationals to business start-ups. He enjoys drawing out the very best out of people and challenging "conventional" wisdom. Andrew is the Managing Director of ServQ.
E-mail Andrew at andrewdcrossley@servq.com

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