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Our Partners and Strategic Alliances

At Partnership Continuum, we definitely place high value on partnering relationships. We would like you to know more about some of the relationships we most appreciate. 





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ServQ Ltd - Our UK Partner
ServQ is a management and advisory business, owned and run by experienced practitioners. Our team has the breadth, depth of skills and insight to make a positive impact on your organization's performance. Our founders, partners and associates are international managers, advisors, speakers, and authors in the fields of:

  • Strategy Formulation
    Our team includes Stephen M Dent, an award winning advisor and author.
  • Organizational Alignment
    ServQ's team works with Andrew Sobel the leading authority on developing long-term client and customer relationships.
  • Partnering & Alliancing
    ServQ has an established transatlantic alliance with the Partnership Continuum team.
  • Implementation
    ServQ's management team and associates.

Partner with ServQ to achieve exceptional sustainable performance. ServQ Ltd introduces the BEACON methodology to North AmericaB E A C O N Definition - "a person or thing that serves as a guide, inspiration or warning"
The Benchmarking and Readiness Assessment for Concurrent Engineering in Construction methodology measures the readiness and subsequent performance of the participants in the infrastructure and construction supply chain. It is built on the principles of Concurrent Engineering (CE), used so successfully in major manufacturing and technology businesses.
BEACON targets and measures optimization of the projects and programs from the conception through design, procurement and construction to achieve reduced lead times and better integration of activities by maximizing concurrency and collaboration in working practices. Full implementation of the methodology has the potential to make construction projects less fragmented, improve procurement assessments, team-working, project quality reduce construction time and lower project costs.

To learn more, click here:
Concurrent Engineering of clients from case study results demonstrated on BEACON

You need to know about BEACON if you are in:

  • Construction 
  • Engineering / Design 
  • Asset Management 
  • Transportation 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Civil projects
  • Project Management

To learn how to bring this international best practice to your organization contact:
In Asia and North America: Partnership Continuum, Inc.
In Europe: ServQ Ltd.

To Contact ServQ Ltd. directly,
ServQ Limited
Regus House
Malthouse Avenue
Cardiff Gate Business Park
Cardiff UK
CF23 8RU

Tel +44(0)2920 263633
Fax +44(0)2920 263707
email: info@servq.com

About Us Products Services Resource Library Our Partners
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