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See partnering terminology

First step in building an effective internal or external partnering solution:
Assess your personal or organizational partnering capabilities

Like constructing a building, creating a successful partnership requires using a blueprint or model.
Read about a proven partnering model built on a partnering culture

360° Partnering Quotient Assessment

Improve Your Relationships and Interpersonal Skills by Learning Your Colleagues' Opinions and Expectations   

What is the 360° PQ Assessment?

 Examples of Feedback

Not-for profit agency -
How well are you serving members?

State/local governments -
Are constituents satisfied?

Main bank -
Are you meeting branch banks'
partnering expectations?

Outsourcing providers/clients -
Check your relationship health.

Contractors -
Are your sub-contractors satisfied?

This online assessment is a tool designed to help individuals, teams, departments, and organizations understand the effectiveness of their interpersonal skills and relationship capabilities. The understanding comes through confidential feedback from assessment participants as well as the downloadable Report and Learning Guide. 

Who Participates in a 360° PQ Assessment?

Primary Participant: The individual, team, department, or organization that the Secondary Participants are assessing

Secondary Responders: Selected colleagues, internal or external business partners, suppliers, customers, clients with frequent interaction with the Primary Participant



For a full-size sample of a 31-page 360° PQ Assessment Report,
click here

Mini-sample pages below

 Sample page from 360 Assessment report
 Sample page of 360 assessment report


How the 360° PQ Assessment Works

On our secure assessment Web site, the Primary Participant and Secondary Participants enter their confidential responses to questions, thereby ranking the Primary Participant regarding relationship aspects. After all ratings are gathered electronically, Partnering Continuum provides the Primary Participant with access to the report, which can be downloaded and printed. The report is an accurate evaluation of the way the assessed individual, team, department, or organization views the their own relationship skills, compared to how others view them. All rankings and responses of Secondary Participants are anonymous in the report. 

The Assessment Report Includes:

  • Individual Statement - Provides a complete breakdown of responses by statement, per (a) Primary and Secondary Participants and (b) by relationship
  • Score Range - Provides the Primary Participant with (a) an average score for each of the statements/questions and (b) the range of scores based on Secondary Participants' responses
  • Attribute Average - This report groups the statements that support each of the Six Partnering Attributes and provides the Primary Participant with a comparison of the Primary Participant's responses compared to those of the Secondary Participants, with a breakdown by relationship
Additional benefits of the 360° PQ Assessment report:  
  • Aligns with and measures the frequency of use as to a partner using the Six Partnering Attributes (the basis of the Partnering Quotient Assessment)
  • Includes the Secondary Responders' expectations of the Primary Participant and their suggestions for how the Primary Participant can improve partnering performance 
  • Provides the basis for leadership and management development, team building, succession planning, executive coaching, and other important development planning

We provide two types of PQ Assessments. The one for an individual is the Partnering Quotient Assessment; the one for an individual or entity with their partners and colleagues participating is the 360° Partnering Quotient Assessment described on this page.


Pricing for the 360° Partnering Quotient Assessment:
Account activation and set-up (per account)$150.00
Primary Participant (per person)$ 35.00 
Secondary Responders (per block of up to 10 people)$100.00

To discuss "next steps" and place an order for a 360° Partnering Quotient Assessment, contact us.

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