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Change Management: Change Resistance Assessment

Do you find it difficult to achieve your personal goals? 

Do you have a personal history of a series of disappointments and now a self-fulfilling prophecy of more disappointments?

Change resistance is a significant factor at the heart of both of these scenarios.

Everyone in the office
knew it was coming.
They just didn't know when.
The rumor mill had been spinning ....
Read the rest of this case study on overcoming change resistance

How Leaders Benefit
from the
 Change Resistance Assessment

Understanding why people resist change is a critical step toward helping them overcome their fear, anxiety and change resistance.

Ask employees who will be impacted by a change event you manage to take the Change Resistance Assessment. Their results will be confidential to them, but the knowledge they gain of their stressors that cause resistance to change are a starting point for your discussions with them about how to handle the change so they will adapt, rather than resist it.

The assessment's downloadable Learning Guide includes managerial strategies.

Coping with change on an individual level and managing it on a leadership level is an issue of increasing importance and key to partnering solutions. Change can be overwhelming and create fear, causing people to resist change. When this happens in any personal or business relationship, it will hinder the relationship and the individuals from moving forward. 

The Change Resistance Assessment will provide you with awareness of how people deal with change and help you develop highly effective strategies for managing your reaction to change.

Change Resistance Assessment


Description: This partnering assessment helps you identify the areas of change that can create the most change anxiety and offers strategies to effectively manage change as an individual and as a partner. The Change Resistance Assessment will help you identify stressors that affect reactions to change and develop a plan that ensures any stressors will have a positive outcome. 



View a sample of assessment results

View excerpts from the
downloadable Learning Guide







We also offer an optional two- or four-hour "application session" teaching assessment-takers how to further apply what they learn from their assessments. We also offer "train the trainer" programs for these application sessions. Contact us or read more information on booking these sessions.

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