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Powerhouse Partners Book Reviews

"Authors Dent and Krefft present a surprisingly practical and understandable step-by-step guide to achieving results through partnerships. Focus your attention specifically on Chapter 3, Shaping Your Culture with the Powerhouse Partnership Model, and on Chapter 5, Redesigning Your Organization as a Partnering Network. The concepts in these two chapters make up the fundamentals of the partnership process. Don't miss the section of Chapter 5 called Why Organization Structure Matters. In about two pages, it will change your thinking about how people working together for a common purpose should organize themselves for fun and profit."

- Skip Corsini, Director, Dale Carnegie Training, San Francisco, CA
(Training Magazine, Feb 2005)

"I found Powerhouse Partners an extremely interesting and valuable book from two perspectives. First, as a trainer helping companies develop leadership skills, it is refreshing to see Dent and Krefft focus on the concept of connections and how powerful they are in maximizing the potential of any person and any organization. They not only talk about the concept, but provide a framework any leader or person can use for building quality connections between people and throughout an organization. The specific tools and techniques described should be part of every company's leadership development program."

- Jesse Freese, Fissure Corporation, Minneapolis, MN

"This book walks the reader through the steps and benefits of developing partnerships within their organization. I found the book to have a logical flow of ideas and enjoyed reading the anecdotes. All of us would like to work for a company that uses this model with their employees and customers."

- Catherine Beck, Consultant

"The joint project of organizational consultants and human resource experts Stephen M. Dent and James H. Krefft, Powerhouse Partners: A Blueprint For Building Organizational Culture For Breakaway Results, is a handy guide to structuring a strategic partnership, whether between businesses, within a project, or with an individual, and applying the Powerhouse Model to smoothly coordinate and maximize efforts. Chapters outline a three-strep process: practicing focused leadership, building a partnering infrastructure to balance competencies, retain high-quality talent, and increase growth, and developing smart partners with creativity, openness, and connectivity to better allow for quick adjustments to unexpected changes. A practical guide for dealing with both individual and collective personalities, and making the most of human resources to focus on optimum goals."

- Midwest Book Review, October 2004

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