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Partnering Quotient (Item PI-001)

The Partnering Quotient workbook is the first step in your self-awareness process to determine your Partnering Intelligence. It will help you identify your potential strengths and weaknesses in the Six Partnering Attributes of Partnering Intelligence. It will also help you focus on the areas where you want to begin to improve.

Price: $19.95

Ability to Trust (Item PI-006)

Some people give their trust freely; with others, you must earn their trust.  This workbook helps you and your partner(s) identify your current trust level(s) and strengthen the trust between you - even if you experienced periods of low or no trust.

Price: $19.95

Comfort with Change (Item PI-003)

Partnerships cause change. We crave the benefits partnerships bring, yet cringe at the turmoil they create. This workbook helps you explore how you feel about and manage change. It gives you and your partners a toolkit for identifying areas of change and dealing successfully with anxiety and fear.

Price: $19.95

Comfort with Interdependence (Item PI-004)

Independence is an asset. In partnerships, it can become a liability. This workbook helps you discover how comfortable you are with depending on others - and letting them depend on you. Then it spells out the skills you need for positive, healthy interdependence.

Price: $19.95

Future Orientation (Item PI-007)

When we make decisions from a past orientation, we're doomed to repeat our mistakes. This workbook assesses your dominant decision-making orientation, then offers strategies that help you create new mental maps and new outcomes.

Price: $19.95

Partner Mentoring Program Workbook and Discussion Guide

Price: $29.95

Self-Disclosure and Feedback (Item PI-005)

Can you ask for what you need? Can you tell other people when their behavior makes you uneasy or distrustful? Smart partners communicate their needs and give each other feedback. This workbook offers time-proven techniques and surveys that help you develop these vital partnering skills.

Price: $19.95

Win/Win Orientation (Item PI-002)

Whether you're solving problems or resolving conflicts, a win/win orientation is the hallmark of high Partnering Intelligence. This workbook helps you assess your own problem-solving and conflict-resolution style, then presents specific strategies and techniques for getting to Win/Win.


Price: $19.95

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