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Partnering Intelligence Book Excerpts
Partnering Intelligence: Creating Value for Your Business by Building Strong Alliances

By Stephen M. Dent, Second Edition, 2004, Davies-Black Publishing

Strategic partnering is one of the most critical building blocks of business success in today's knowledge and information economy. Today's business leaders realize they can't succeed without the cooperation of others, whether through internal teams or external alliances. That requires Partnering Intelligence. This landmark book provides a road map for anyone who uses strategic partnerships to achieve business goals and who wants to develop the partnering capabilities of teams, employees, and alliance partners.

Partnering Intelligence will answer these and many other questions:

  • What is the best system to use in finding the right partner?
  • What is the foundation for a strong partnership?
  • How can we assess the effectiveness of our organization's existing partnerships?
  • Why do truly cooperative partnerships (business or personal) usually remain an elusive goal?
  • How effective is teamwork?
  • What organizational culture characteristics prevent an organization from being able to support alliance development?
  • What are the right skills for building a successful, sustainable partnership?
  • What is the first thing partners need to do in order to be successful?
  • What will be the likely outcome of approaching a partnership with the intent of simply buying a needed capability?
  • How does our fundamental psychological mind-set toward abundance or scarcity influence our partnership behavior?

Clear explanations of all aspects of Partnering Intelligence, along with tools, models, assessments, and case studies throughout the book, make it easy for an individual to develop a blueprint to use in partnering scenarios and for an organization to create a sustainable competitive advantage.


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