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Definitions of "Partnering Intelligence, "Smart Partners," and other partnering concepts
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First step in building an effective internal or external partnering solution:
Assess your personal or organizational partnering capabilities

Like constructing a building, creating a successful partnership requires using a blueprint or model.
Read about a proven partnering model built on a partnering culture

Articles about Partnering Relationships

Partnership Continuum, Inc. provides thought leadership and in-depth experience in the area of partnering infrastructure, strategic alliances and Partnering Intelligence. To learn some of our insights and other information on partnering solutions, read the following articles.

Articles for
Leaders and

leader of geese

_ Connect . . . Communicate . . . Collaborate
_ Why Can't We Talk About Trust?
_ The Cost of Poor Partnering
_ Feedback is Professional Development
_ Unlock the Power of Your Knowledge
_ Effective Partnering: Collaborate for Advantage
_ Not Having This Mind-Set Could Be Deadly For Your Business
_ Leadership Behaviors Can Hinder Corporate Goals
Change Resistance--What Does it Cost Your Organization?
_ Decision-Making Approach Impacts Innovation
_ Improving Your Improvement Program
_ The High Cost of Not Listening to Employees
_ Collaboration for a Change  and Collaborative Leadership Self-Assessment - Arthur T. Himmelman


Articles about
Partnering in

relay team handing off baton

_ The Second Time Around
_ Managing Outsourcing Relationships
_ Creating an Information-Sharing Culture with Your Outsourcer
_ Managing Outsourcing Relationships
   1) Defining Moments: How to Maximize the Alliance Factor
   2) Outsourcing: All or Nothing at All
   3) Getting Hitched
(Three articles published in Outsourcing Journal, reprinted with permission)


Articles about
Partnering for Competitive

shaking hands with globe in background

_ Look Beyond Value Creation When Considering Potential of Success in a Merger
_ Optimizing Channel Partner Relationships
_ The On Ramp to Innovation
_ Turning a Business into a Partnering Powerhouse
_ The New Economy and Partnering
_ Partnering - People and Business Relationships are the Key Drivers of Corporate Success
_ Partnering as a Business Model
_ Changing Role of Leadership: Building Partnerships
_ Be An Intelligent Partner!
_ Partnering Will Drive the Economy in an Open Environment
_ Developing and Marketing Alliances and Marketing's Value Added Role in Alliances (Reprinted with permission from construction marketer)
_ Relational Quality and Alliance Capacity: A conceptual framework for their influence on alliance performance
_ Institutionalizing Alliance Capabilities - A Platform for Repeatable Success - (Published in Corporate Strategy Board Executive Inquiry, August 2000)


Articles about

government building 

_ Partnering in the Battle to End the Underage Drinking Problem
Making Public Private Partnerships Work























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