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Definitions of "Partnering Intelligence, "Smart Partners," and other partnering concepts
See partnering terminology

First step in building an effective internal or external partnering solution:
Assess your personal or organizational partnering capabilities

Like constructing a building, creating a successful partnership requires using a blueprint or model.
Read about a proven partnering model built on a partnering culture

Services Overview

Examples of how we help clients create trust and partnering approaches that achieve higher value outcomes in outsourcing relationships

Our expertise includes helping determine the potential effectiveness or problems with a proposed merger or acquisition

Case Studies

Methodology and approach

As a component of our partnering resources, Partnership Continuum, Inc. provides a range of training and consulting services that help individuals and businesses reach their partnering potential through knowledge and skills for sustainable behavior change that results in building successful partnerships.

Our services comprising startegies for effective partnering are delivered in several formats, and our training programs are easily customized and tailored to meet your organization's needs.

Our clients believe our corporate training and leadership development programs are extremely informative and full of insights and experiential learnings that help them create immediate, measurable results in their successful partnership building efforts.

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All training programs include use of various components of our
partnering assessments.


Develop relationship skills in your high-potential employees. Improve interpersonal effectiveness skills. Improve teamwork results. Use our mentoring workbook and program. We also offer a program story board problem-solving and one for labor-management collaboration. Our corporate training offering currently includes seven programs. 


Learn the art of executive leadership--inspiring and motivating employees to achieve the organization's objectives. Develop the leadership capabilities of your most talented employees, high-potential supervisors, and entry-level managers. Enhance existing leadership skills from a holistic perspective (personal development, interpersonal development, and organizational effectiveness). Including our mentoring workbook and program, we currently offer six training programs for leadership development. 


Assess partnering risks, threats, and opportunities of your business. Increase your organization's capability for collaboration and innovation. Maximize your leadership and teamwork resources to achieve successful objectives and competitive advantage. Three divisions comprise our consulting services: general/corporate consulting division, preventive medicine & public health consulting division, and a not-for-profit, government, and public-private partnerships consulting division.


Two of our training programs are designed for certification so that participants can use our proprietary materials to help their organizations improve various aspects of their Partnering Intelligence. 


Currently, our open-enrollment public seminars focus on building smart partners and on partner relationship management. 


Renowned keynote speaker Stephen Dent is available to move your organization forward with partnering capabilities through actionable strategies you can immediately put to use. He is an enthusiastic, insightful, motivating speaker who will integrate Partnering Intelligence content with your conference theme and business strategy. 


Participants at a corporate training session.
Managers and other executives attend a leadership training program.

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