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Definitions of "Partnering Intelligence, "Smart Partners," and other partnering concepts
See partnering terminology

First step in building an effective internal or external partnering solution:
Assess your personal or organizational partnering capabilities

Like constructing a building, creating a successful partnership requires using a blueprint or model.
Read about a proven partnering model built on a partnering culture

Preventive Medicine & Public Health Consulting Division

In public health and community health care settings, we consult with organizations to ensure their transactions with each other are structured to support working together more effectively to meet their objectives in preventing disease and improving preparedness in bioterrorism or other large-scale health disasters. We help communities, healthcare institutions, public health groups, and not-for-profit and government agencies.

Some of the ways we help you achieve your preventive medicine and public health objectives

Create an information-sharing environment 

Strategic planning; define or refine activities and direction; address gaps in plans and resources 

Identify win-win outcomes

Create structures that enable organizational transactions and collaborative efforts between agencies, physicians, and other work groups who become more successful in achieving their mutual objectives because they are working with people who trust each other

Help you bridge the gaps and shorten the time to build an effective network for your project. We belong to physician, academic, and governmental communities and associations at American local, state, and federal levels

Leverage our expertise in epidemiology

Help you achieve balance between science and practice and balance between tasks and relationships

Build and sustain mutual trust

Improve leadership capabilities

Build collaborative communications

Provide training in new behaviors for dealing with conflicts of interest that could impact your project's priorities or outcomes; identify win-win outcomes

Examples of how we have helped our clients

Public health policy advocacy

Technical assistance

Peer review

Strengthen position

Fill clients' executive or board positions

Qualitative process evaluation

Assisting organizations in moving beyond traditional constraints and helping bridge communication gaps.
- Assisted governmental agencies at local, state, and federal levels in creating productive advisory groups of health professionals
- Helped develop trust between grant recipients and their federal or private foundation project officers to promote success and protec grant money
- and much more  

Create Web-based continuing medical education programs. We develop online continuing medical education programs to enable physicians to obtain state-mandated accreditation in specialized areas. We also assist in developing more effective utilization of research as the foundation for such programs.  

Assist in developing community action plans, focus groups

Health plan evaluations

Program evaluations

Public health professionals career coaching

Community health assessments

Public health administration

Mortality reviews

   Neal R. Holtan 
   M.D., M.P.H., M.A.
   Preventive Medicine & Public Health Consulting 
 Marion Warwick photo
   Marion Warwick 
   M.D., M.P.H.
   Medical Epidemiologist, 
   Preventive Medicine & Public Health Consulting


To discuss how we can help your organization or community with its objectives, contact Dr. Holtan at  nholtan@partneringintelligence.com


Because of our grounding and experience as clinicians, our group members are very successful in assisting professionals as leaders and in relating to them as peers.


Case Study: Selecting Medical Leadership for a Behavioral Health Bureau

Partnership Helps Prevent Community Alcohol and Drug Problems



















Examples of How We Have Helped Our Clients

Assisting organizations in moving beyond constraints and in bridging communication and networking gaps.

  • Provided strategic planning facilitation for state offices of substance abuse prevention, useful for communicating the agency's mission and vision
  • Worked with state governmental agencies and tribal nations on creating and promoting epidemiological profiles on substance abuse
  • Pulled together the expertise to allow an environmental health advocacy organization to produce an online unit of continuing medical education for physicians about pesticide use safety
  • Helped to bridge a wide gap between community-based and school-based prevention programs in a midsize city by assisting them in creating a common strategic plan
  • Provided medical consultation to local public health agencies about partnering with physicians and other health professionals in their counties or regions
  • Worked extensively with the officials of a large health-oriented foundation to work more effectively with community-based organizaitons for environmental social change to improve the health of populations
  • Assisted county-level Head Start organizations to meet the federal requirements for a required health advisory committee. We helped connect Head Start with physicians in local, medical, and residency programs in family medicine
  • Assisted public health agencies in recruiting and orienting health professionals to serve as volunteers in case of public health disasters
  • Created a network and improved communication between local physicians and sheriffs and other local public groups to increase cooperation and collaboration to develop more effiective preparedness programs for chemical spills, radiation leaks, and other large-scale disasters
  • Partnered with Free Spirit Publishing to promote its children's health books within the US medical community 

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Create Web-based continuing medical education programs

  • Developed an online continuing medical education unit for physicians to get state-mandated accreditation in learning how to advise their patients who apply pesticides in an occupational setting

Fill executive or board positions at client organizations

  • Advised a high-ranking state human services official on obtaining the right kind of medical advice for his substance abuse prevention system
  • Promoted productive advisory bodies of health and public health professionals. We have very successfully chaired a state-level steering committee on chronic disease prevention. The committee includes state health department staff representatives from physician organizations, advocacy groups, hospital and health care system executives, university faculty members, community health clinic directors, and others to work together on large grant proposals and special projects

Public health professionals career counseling

  • Provided coaching and mentoring services for public health professionals in leadership skills and partnering proficiency. We can do this on an individual basis or in a group setting.

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